The UConn School of Medicine is on the forefront of quality training for new physicians, groundbreaking clinical research, and meaningful outreach programs that serve our local, national, and international communities. As a School of Medicine alum or resident, we invite you to join our alumni community and be a part of the program that continues to help mold successful students like you.

The School of Medicine Alumni Board

Help shape alumni programming and philanthropic opportunities for the School of Medicine by joining our alumni board! The board advises the school on its academic, clinical, research, and outreach missions. It’s led by dedicated alumni like you, who share our vision for maintaining the school’s excellence and raising our national profile.

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    Alumni Board President
    Sarah E. Schlegel MD ’03

    Alumni Board Vice President
    David Lam MD ’18

    Immediate Past Alumni Board President
    Todd Falcone MD ’09

    Anton Alerte MD ’98
    Katelyn Cusmano ’18
    Rocco Orlando MD ’78
    David Karas MD ’90
    Ben Ristau ’09

Looking to give back? Volunteer as a Class Contact!

Class Contacts are representatives from each class who facilitate communication and strengthen the social and professional relationship between alumni and current students. The duties of a Class Contact include:

  • Assisting Alumni Relations by updating demographic information of your classmates
  • Serving as an advocate for your class by suggesting programming that would appeal to fellow alumni
  • Communicating the details of upcoming alumni events to your classmates to encourage attendance
  • Fostering a strong relationship between alumni and Alumni Relations
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    Anthony A. Luciano MD ’73
    Stewart Wolff MD ’73
    Mahlon Hale MD ’73
    Christopher Morren MD ’74
    Ted Kowalski MD ’75
    Dan McNally MD ’76
    Winston A. Campbell MD ’77
    Virginia Bieluch MD ’78
    Angelee Carta MD ’81
    Patrice Gillotti MD ’81
    Ned Nunes MD ’81
    Sue Sokoloski MD ’81
    Lucinda Everett MD ’82
    Patrica Reardon MD ’82
    Merrilee Leonhardt MD ’86
    Alan Solinksy MD ’86
    Harry C. Weinerman MD ’86
    Denis Lafreniene MD ’87
    Daniel Gerardi MD ’88
    Ken Yanagisawa MD ’88
    Lanrinda Santos MD ’89
    Kristin Gildersleeve MD ’93
    Lawrence J. Briggs MD ’95
    Gayle Harris MD ’96
    Brendan T. Campbell MD ’97
    Josh Goldstein MD ’00
    Janice Hartnett MD ’02
    Rebecca Andrews MD ’02
    Sarah Schlegel MD ’03
    Christopher Morosky MD ’04
    Todd Falcone MD ’09
    Evan Schiff MD ’12

Our program is only as strong as the volunteers who help to support our mission. Volunteer as a Class Contact, provide leadership on the School of Medicine Alumni Association alumni board and offer philanthropic support by making a gift today.

Job Seeking?

Our School of Medicine alumni and partners have joined us in creating job opportunities for graduates like you—check out the resource list for a job that interests you!

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Public Health Alumni

If you are a UConn Public Health graduate, there is a place for you in our alumni relations network! Join fellow alumni who are passionate and dedicated to public health by becoming a part of the Public Health Alumni Board. Our alumni board engages with the School of Public Health to provide philanthropic opportunities and alumni programs to maintain a strong relationship between the School and its graduates.

Want to learn more?

For additional information about the UConn School of Medicine, please contact:

Liz Krueger '02
Director of Alumni Relations, Health Sciences