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Fund For UConn Health

Gifts to the Fund for UConn Health provide discretionary funding to address immediate needs that arise for the patient care, research, and academic programs across UConn Health.

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UConn Health Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund

Gifts to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund provide support for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies needed for the treatment of the COVID-19 virus. When UConn Health has concluded its response to the COVID-19 crisis, remaining funds will be allocated for related purposes within UCHC.

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Support in Action

The School of Nursing Class of 2020 made an extra special senior gift this year. These incredible students chose to make their class gift in honor of the brave healthcare professionals on the front lines against COVID-19.

“We are so impressed by and grateful to all of the doctors, nurses, and hospital support staff during this frightening and critical time. They give so selflessly and generously of themselves, always putting their patients’ needs before their own. We hate to think of how many more lives would have been lost without them. All we can do is donate what we can and say ‘we thank you every minute of every day.’ We are filled with gratitude for all of you.”

-Carolyn and Stuart Bernstein, donors to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

“Thank you to every one of you at UConn Health for your commitment, bravery, and willingness to help so many people during this difficult time. My heart hurts every time I see a health care worker breaking down. I hope none of you suffer from any serious trauma during this pandemic and you all stay safe and healthy! I live right down the road and I hope I never have to see any of you, but just know you have my support, my donations, and my positive thoughts coming your way. Please take good care and be well! Thank you again!”

-Kenya D’Agustino, donor to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

“I salute medical professionals. We can never forget their sacrifices, commitment and dedication for the well-being of society. A big thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. I hope we all can flatten the curve by social distancing.”

-Nagasekhar Kothakota, supporter of the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and a first-time donor to UConn

“I gave to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund because I appreciate and want to thank all the health care professionals and essential workers at UConn Health who are helping our community during this crisis. It’s a trying time for everybody right now. I just want to help the people who are helping everyone.”

-Emily Leibin Ko, communications designer for UConn Library, UConn Health grateful patient, and donor to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

“On July 7, 2007, my son was born at UConn. His lungs were not working properly and he was in ICU for nine days. The rapid response of the doctors saved his life. The night he was born was the most beautiful sunset I ever saw, so I wanted to help the COVID response team with $50 for masks.”

-Mark Greenier, donor to the UConn Health COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund