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Since 2016, UConn Women and Philanthropy has been uniting visionary women who are passionate about women’s issues and committed to enabling UConn students to fulfill their dreams. Our members are successful in their respective fields and communities. They are focused on benefiting UConn through donations of time, talent, and resources. We gather throughout the year to build friendships, engage with UConn’s academic community, meet our scholarship recipients. and decide how to distribute our yearly, collective pool of funds to UConn’s programs, services, and scholarships.


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Podcast series amplifying UConn women who are breaking down barriers and closing the gender gap, presented by UConn Women & Philanthropy. UConn’s very own Gina Barreca, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English, introduces each episode.




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Building the Future

Women philanthropists are sharing their talents, background, experiences, and passion with others to empower UConn to reach new heights and transform students’ lives. Through women-focused scholarships, you can open doors for a new generation of students, provide guidance, build relationships, and ultimately serve as inspiration for future leaders.

“This scholarship has made a tremendous difference to me. Being a first-generation student and identifying as not only a woman but a woman of color as well has not been an easy journey, to say the least. Not only has this scholarship alleviated an enormous amount of financial pressure off of my parents, but it has also instilled the confidence in me to know that I can do anything I can set my mind to.”

-Darlene Burckson, BOLD Scholar

“This scholarship has given me so many amazing networking opportunities and has really allowed me to expand my experiences at UConn without having to worry as much about the financial burden part of paying for college. I have also had the amazing opportunities to speak in front of the donors and be able to express my gratitude for all that they do. Although I am graduating in December, I am eternally grateful for all this scholarship has given to me.”

-Taylor Ware, Women Transforming Women Scholarship Recipient

“Receiving this scholarship feels like I’m seen. It means that hard work does pay off and that if you really try to attain something, you will, and you’ll be surrounded by so many people who are like you, but who will also inspire you. Receiving this scholarship means freedom, not only because it lessens the burden of debt, but because I have the chance to explore something I have been dreaming about.”

-Kate Gavilanes, BOLD Scholar

“Receiving this scholarship means that I can focus and invest more time on my academics. Instead of working extra hours and trying to balance jobs in order to pay my way through college, this scholarship has eliminated the burden. Also, this scholarship has allowed me to understand that all the sacrifices that my family and I have made towards my education are worthwhile.”

-Laura Bedoya, BOLD Scholar

“This scholarship has taught me the importance of women leadership and empowerment. It has taught me to never feel discouraged and to always fight for what I think is right. The BOLD scholarship has meant so much to me as a young woman, and it has shown me that I do have a voice and the power to make a change.”

-Serena Beri, BOLD Scholar

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