photo of uconn scholarship recipientsUConn crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a UConn cause you feel most passionate about. Supported and guided by the UConn Foundation staff, crowdfunding helps empower members of the community to get directly involved with fundraising. Participants will be trained on crowdfunding techniques, promotional strategies, and expectations. Participants will also be provided assistance in creating a web page to receive donations for their cause.

Not sure if crowdfunding is for you? See what causes other UConn community members are supporting this campaign period!

Crowdfunding Periods and Application Deadlines

There are five months you may choose from for your crowdfunding initiative. Each campaign period will launch on the first calendar day of the month and continue until the last day of the month.

Crowdfunding Period Deadline
July June 1
September August 1
November October 1
January December 1
April February 1

Apply to Crowdfund


Ignite—recognized as one of the best in the country by Evertrue—brings students together to raise money for their favorite UConn causes. Students learn about marketing and fundraising over the course of several weeks. Using the Foundation’s online giving platform, participants mobilize fellow students as well as alumni, family, and friends for support. Each group retains the funds raised for their cause. The UConn Foundation supports student fundraising through the Ignite competition.

how to participate in ignite
how to donate to ignite

Other Crowdfunding Initiatives

In addition to community-driven campaigns, we have number of annual crowdfunding initiatives that we promote to help the UConn community.

  • UConn Law Ignite – October & November
  • UConn Ignite – February & March
  • UConn Gives – March

We are always looking to grow and improve UConn Crowdfunding. We welcome any feedback you might have about this process. Please submit your suggestions via email to our Crowdfunding team.