Week of February 1:

  • Review training material provided via email. If you did not receive an email with training material, please contact Amanda Bradley at abradley@foundation.uconn.edu.
  • Begin work on your giving page. Giving pages are due by March 1.


Week of February 14:

  • Start thinking of who you would like to recruit as your champions. View the Guide to Champion Recruitment in the Additional Resources section of the toolkit for tips on what makes a good champion.
  • Review all elements in the toolkit and suggested promotion plan below. Integrate the promotion tasks into your team’s to do list and assign responsibilities. Contact your Foundation representative with any questions.


Week of fEBRUARY 21:

  • Reach out to your list of potential champions asking them to sign up. Direct individuals to the UConn Gives Be a Champion page for more details.
  • Begin considering your peer-to-peer outreach strategy and timeline for UConn Gives. Examples and recommendations provided in the toolkit.
  • Begin considering the stewardship email your Unit will be sending after UConn Gives. Review and customize the template language and add a personal note of thanks.
  • Inform appropriate stakeholders of your participation in UConn Gives.

Week of March 1:

  • General promotion on UConn Gives from the UConn Foundation and UConn Alumni accounts will begin. Keep an eye out for content to reshare to your audiences.
  • Announce your participation in UConn Gives on social media. Utilize the social media images provided in the toolkit.
  • Start mentioning UConn Gives to your audiences via web and social. Use the UConn Gives boilerplate and key messages to craft your outreach language and educate people on UConn Gives. Focus on sharing stories related to your project, or to the giving day as a whole. Send the content you are sharing to your champions so they can also share it with their networks.
  • Update your email footer with the UConn Gives logo.
  • Share the UConn Gives Facebook event on your page.
  • Save the date addition to emails begins.
  • Provide your faculty and staff with sample emails and key messages to use when contacting their networks.
  • Submit your giving page by March 3.
  • Submit your stewardship email for review using your project lead’s log in information on the UConn Gives website.


Week of March 7:

  • Begin emailing your personal networks announcing your involvement in UConn Gives.
  • Watch for the #UConnGives promotional video to share and/or crosspost.


Week of mARCH 14:

  • Affinity-based emails will be sent from the Foundation.
  • Share UConn Gives Facebook event and other UConn Alumni and UConn posts regarding UConn Gives.
  • Continue your own social media and personal outreach. Review sample social media posts provided in the toolkit.

Week of mARCH 21:

  • Check in with your champions to make sure that they are ready to go. (P.S. it’s not too late to recruit new champions to be ambassadors for your cause!).
  • Unit-based emails will be sent from the Foundation.

mARCH 29:

  • Second broad email sent.
  • Update your social media profiles with UConn Gives images, logos, or Facebook frame.
  • Post to social media using count down images provided in the toolkit.
  • Send an email to your networks reminding them that UConn Gives starts tomorrow.
  • Add a button prominently on your website that directs to your project page.
  • Send an email to your champions about posting to their social networks. Add links to posts you want them to share.

mARCH 30-31: UConn Gives!


  • Send an email to your champions announcing the start of UConn Gives!
  • Send emails to your network reminding them to give and share.

Social Media:

  • Post one post to Facebook, pin to the top of your page.
  • Post to Twitter as often as possible.
  • Post one or two posts on Instagram, add to your story as often as possible.
  • Post to social media throughout the day to update on challenges (coming soon!) and any match funds.

mARCH 30 and beyond (7:00 PM and after):

  • Send thank you messages out on social media.
  • Share thank you message posted by UConn Foundation.
  • Send personalized thank you messages to match donors and champions.
  • Request mailing address from the UConn Foundation to mail out any handwritten thank you notes.


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